Wholesale Picture Frame Mouldings

Immediate Availability
We are located in the Atlanta, Georgia area and maintain a fairly extensive inventory of about 150 to 200 mouldings. Many of our customers are manufacturers of framed art as well as retail shops and art galleries.

Navigating this Site
You will notice that there are 10 "Galleries" to the left and each has a selection of mouldings, generally grouped by finish. The Gallery Site Map will give you a description of the contents of each gallery, so you may want to review that first. Just click on the Site Map button at the top or bottom of this page.

Clicking on each image will take you directly to that gallery. Also, please note that if you have visited our site previously, you may want to clear out your browser cache so as to enable you to see new mouldings added since your last visit.

Additional Information
Many of our mouldings are available in "box quantities", one moulding per box. The quantity per box varies with the size of the moulding. Boxes with larger mouldings may only contain 60 or 70 feet and a box of smaller moulding may have 400 hundred or more feet.

All of our mouldings are manufactured to high quality standards using the best quality products.

Small Quantities
Attention hobbyists, woodworkers, artists, photographers and frame shops! Do you want smaller quantities to frame that special picture, painting or a mirror? If so, please go to what we refer to as the Hobbyist page for further details. It's not just for hobbyists, but anyone wanting to buy moulding by the stick.

New Mouldings
Our latest additions are now found in Gallery 10 and throughout the Galleries.

Gallery Site Map